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Service integration and management foundation siam® foundation study guide

This study guide provides readers with all of the information they need to
prepare successfully for the EXIN/BCS SIAM BOK Foundation Exam. It includes
all the content mandated by the EXIN/BCS Foundation Exam Preparation
Guide, as well as a case study, exercises and sample solutions, quizzes and real
world examples.

Service integration and management (SIAM) is a management methodology
that can be applied in an environment that includes services sourced from a
number of service providers. SIAM supports cross-functional, cross-process,
and cross-provider integration. It creates an environment where all parties:
* Know their role, responsibilities and context in the ecosystem
* Are empowered to deliver
* Are held accountable for the outcomes they are required to deliver.

This publication will be useful for anyone working in a SIAM environment,
whether they are a customer, a service integrator or a service provider. The
study material covers topics including the origins of SIAM, the different SIAM
structures, roles, challenges, risks and more.
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