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Drozdiak*Fractured Continent

An urgent examination of how the political, economic and social volatility in Europe will affect the US and the rest of the world.

President Obama began his first term with a concerted effort to reshape America's image abroad. He made overtures to the Islamic world in Cairo, pivoted towards China and vowed to "reset" relations with Russia. What Obama has forgotten, argues William Drozdiak, was the imminent crisis in Europe which threatens not only America's long-time relationship with her allies, but global security. The UK stunned the world by leaving the EU; in Germany, there is growing alarm that one million refugees, mostly from Syria, are putting the country's stability at risk; in Spain, a protracted economic crisis has spread disillusionment among young people and damaged support for centrist political leaders; while Greece has become a waystation for refugees fleeing Syria.

By speaking with world leaders from Brussels to Berlin, from Rome to Riga, Drozdiak described the crises, the attempted solutions and asks where Europe goes from here and how the west can revitalise its key institutions like NATO and the EU. The result is a timely, character- and narrative-driven book about this tumultuous phase of contemporary European history.
Artikelnummer: 9780393608687